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Looking back

and feeling embarrassed for my text posts back in 2011 and in all its high school glory.. haha! I could only just hope that I’ve matured a tiny bit more with age :)

If there’s one thing I could tell my 17 year old self:

"No one cares if you spent the day at your boyfriend’s house and watched a movie."

December already

where did time go hah

Somewhere between me being busy/lazy and forgetting that I had a blog which I love, I turned 19


College soon

I don’t even know what you need for classes or anything hahaha

Any good Kate Moss blogs

I’m in need of a place for worship here guys

I like that Cara Delevingne girl, she’s got them cat eyez

Kind of obsessed with white

hah bet you couldn’t tell………

I’m not a “white blog” or anything in case you were wondering I’m sorry

Instagram: @miyazakss

I’m kind of getting into it. aha

Message me yours and I’ll follow if I like your photos

Dear Zara,

please hire me. thanks

Hydrate me

Summer Skincare:Watery cleansing oil, Boots Botanics pore cleansing foam, CK Summer One, Boots Botanics face scrub, Biotherm Biosource cleanser&toner plus Aquasource gel moisturizer. 

I’m not using them just cause the colors match, I swear. I may have survived the most humid, sweat-ridden weeks of my life, and the consequences of the Tokyo summer heat on my skin has been harsh…. Let’s just say that I was pretty confident that I could season a wok with my T-zone.

I figured that my skin could use the three basic troubleshooting methods for skincare; deep cleansing to erase all signs of oil and dirt, pumping water to quench its thirst, and to gently exfoliate to encourage cell turnovers.

Also a few tips for summer skincare:
• Always use a fresh towel when youpat(not rub) your skin dry… tanned skin is especially sensitive

• Wear sun screen! I know practicallyeveryonesays this now, but really you’ll have yourself to thank 20 years from now if you follow through

• Get yourself a nice body lotion with aloe to cool down your skin after a poolside tanning session, or even a shower

• Travel size face mists by Evian or Avene is good for carrying around in your bag when you feel like you could use something to refresh your skin in the blazing hot weather